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The creator of writer portraits throughout is Kreftropod. More details are available on the Image Credits page.

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  1. Selena M Dunlap says:

    I just reread BoTWoT and SoS. I was wondering if you ever thought about returning to them or even just putting out a summary on what would have happened? I really enjoyed your writing.


  2. pythoblack says:

    What is this Undertale series ArtisticAnon speaks of? I loved Undertale the game on Steam, hope the developers make a sequel that is a little more playable. I wanted to develop a game about Trump, Go MAGA! and so I taught myself how to use RPG Maker (which I understand was the platform used to develop Undertale) but after 3 1/2 years, zero people expressed any interest, so I gave up on the project.


    1. Skeleheron says:

      I’m not sure if you’re being tongue in cheek with the ‘Go MAGA’ statement. If not, you are in absolutely the wrong place.


      1. pythoblack says:

        Just so you know, Go MAGA! is a game to….seriously, I AM in the wrong place. Well, that happens sometimes. GOODBYE!


      2. Skeleheron says:

        Oh, I see. It’s the title of the game? I read it as a declaration! Might want to be careful with that phrasing as it was unclear (and why I wanted to check)


  3. ArtisticAnon says:

    Hi!!! I went digging because I missed your writing (I just re-read your undertale series for the 17th time) so here I am! Glad your alive and well!

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