Photos from Northumberland

While over in the North East, I decided to get myself a new camera. My old one had done the job for the last few years, but it was a source of constant frustration. Not only did I have issues with its battery life and lack of focus, but it was about the same size and weight as a house brick. It had stayed at home more often than it had been taken out to events or places that I might want help remembering. In fact, habitually leaving it at home was a motivating factor in the upgrade.

A few too many specks of uncleanable crap got on the wrong side of the lens and that was that. Considering that it was nothing more than a point and click with pretensions, I’m amazed it lasted as long.

So: new camera! A Canon SX720 HS, to be precise. Another point and click, this time with ridiculous zoom. I’m liking it very much. Here are some of my favourite photos from the Northumberland trip.

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