A Busy Week, Blah

Nothing much to talk about at the moment, but I don’t want to leave this blog standing empty so I’ll do a quick update.

This week has been manic at work. Sickness and training took a few people out of the office which meant there was a lot of work to share. From my little office, my focus was on process work and the problems that came about as a result of the absences. I had a bunch of emails to send out, a few things to try and smooth over, and loads of policy bollocks to reinforce/adjust.

In my downtime, I’ve had the second session of my tabletop game (lots of fun and sci fi weirdness), I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and have been watching a lot of Breaking Bad and Santa Clarita Diet. No complaints or anything particularly insightful to say – I’ve enjoyed everything and appreciated the diversity.

Today I spent the day in bed fending off a migraine. Here’s hoping I can get more useful mileage out the rest of the weekend. We’re edging closer to a confirmed move date which has made the whole “new house” thing so much more real. It’s actually a little scary.

I’ll try to do a more interesting post soon.

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