Harvest Moon, pt 23

This is part of a text adventure series to celebrate the spookiest of months, October (and beyond!). Full information about what’s happening can be found here. It is free to read, but in order to vote on what happens next, you will need to be a Patron.  To become a Patron, you can find my Patreon page here.

Map of the known area

Your inventory:

  • A small flashlight with dead batteries
  • Nick’s car-related paperwork
  • A generic fast food straw
  • A napkin containing some mushed-up sausage rolls
  • Half a packet of mints
  • A pen
  • A fieldbook about common countryside plants

You walk over to the Victrola. It is on a small, custom-made stand with a shelf underneath where records – rather than wax cylinders – have been stacked. You take out a small selection and flick through them, hoping to get some insight into the owner. 

As you might expect given the age of the thing and the stylings of the house in general, the music is primarily classical although there is also a surprising amount of jazz. You search for some sort of common element. 

The names that are vaguely familiar include Paginini, Camille Saint-Saëns, and Tchaikovsky. Strings appear to feature heavily on the classical side. On the other, are the likes of Louis Armstrong. You don’t recognise any more. 1920s – 40s Jazz isn’t among your specialist subjects. Gershwin appears once or twice, straddling the depths of your knowledge of both genres.

More of out curiosity than anything else, you opt to put on some music. You blindly pick a record from the selection and slide out a single called ‘Stardust’. The Victrola takes a little effort to make work, but soon you’re treated to the upbeat intro of a trumpet and banjo filling the room.

You feel slightly more at ease – the music resembles something like life – but nothing else happens.

What would you like to do next?

  1. Investigate the cabinet
  2. Go onto the veranda
  3. Go into the dining room
  4. Go into the corridor

Vote for what happens next on my Patron page before 11.30pm GMT tomorrow. The next update will be 8pm GMT on the 16th of November.

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