Harvest Moon, pt 28

This is part of a text adventure series to celebrate the spookiest of months, October (and beyond!). Full information about what’s happening can be found here. It is free to read, but in order to vote on what happens next, you will need to be a Patron.  To become a Patron, you can find my Patreon page here.

Map of the known area

Your inventory:

  • A small flashlight
  • Nick’s car-related paperwork
  • A generic fast food straw
  • A napkin containing some mushed-up sausage rolls
  • Half a packet of mints
  • A pen
  • A fieldbook about common countryside plants

“Nice keys. Can I borrow them?” you ask her with a knowing grin. That’s sure to break the ice a little.

“Don’t be so ridiculous,” she snaps back at you. She then pauses as though suddenly mindful of her position and attempts a practised, polite smile that doesn’t touch her eyes. “I’m afraid that I need them to fulfil my duties. If you require keys, I’m sure there will be some elsewhere in the house.”

That seems like a good opportunity to try another approach.

“Are you alright?” you venture, trying to reconcile her with the shy, vague woman you met before.

She surprises you with a small huff.

“Of course I’m alright. I’m perfectly fine.” She mumbles something under her breath that you can’t quite catch before asking: “Is there anything else I may help you with?”

What would you like to say next?

  1. “Has something happened?”
  2. “How did I get up here?”
  3. “Can I get something to eat?”
  4. “No, but thank you anyway.”

Vote for what happens next on my Patron page before 11.30pm GMT tomorrow. The next update will be 8pm GMT on the 26th of November.

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