Harvest Moon, pt 30

This is part of a text adventure series to celebrate the spookiest of months, October (and beyond!). Full information about what’s happening can be found here. It is free to read, but in order to vote on what happens next, you will need to be a Patron.  To become a Patron, you can find my Patreon page here.

Map of the known area

Your inventory:

  • A small flashlight
  • Nick’s car-related paperwork
  • A generic fast food straw
  • A napkin containing some mushed-up sausage rolls
  • Half a packet of mints
  • A pen
  • A fieldbook about common countryside plants

You don’t remember me talking about Nick?” you ask.

“I’ve never spoken to you before,” she replies, adding to the growing sense of weird. “I was doing my rounds, I came into this room to perform a check, and there you were fast asleep. Either you decided to help yourself to a bed, or one of the others brought you up. You snore like a pig, incidentally.”

You consider how to voice your confusion. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way forward, so you instead you dive right into it and mention having talked to her downstairs when you first arrived. You give her a brief recap of what you said.

“Oh,” she says when you’ve finished. “So we’ve already met.”

Now you’re really lost.

“There’s really no point in us talking again, in that case. I’m far too busy.” She pats the key hoop on her left hip as an indication of quite how much responsibility she has. They give a dull jingle of importance. “If you’re looking for your friend, he’s already gone. He left an hour ago. And before you ask, no, I don’t know precisely where. He might still be in the house for all I know. Do you think I have time to track the comings and goings of random people? Is there anything else I might help you with, or can I get back to work?”

You can’t think of anything to ask that might lead somewhere useful, so you thank her for her time. She nods and leaves the room. You hear the creak of a door opening elsewhere on the landing.

What would you like to do now?

  1. Go into the ensuite
  2. Go onto the landing

Vote for what happens next on my Patron page before 11.30pm GMT tomorrow. The next update will be 8pm GMT on the 30th of November.

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