Harvest Moon, pt 42

This is part of a text adventure series to celebrate the spookiest of months, October (and beyond!). Full information about what’s happening can be found here. It is free to read, but in order to vote on what happens next, you will need to be a Patron.  To become a Patron, you can find my Patreon page here.

You can read through the archives here.

Map of the known area

Your inventory:

  • A small flashlight
  • Nick’s car-related paperwork
  • A generic fast food straw
  • Half a packet of mints
  • A pen
  • A fieldbook about common countryside plants
  • Nick’s mobile phone

You make up your mind quickly: You opt to explore the kitchen.

You leave the landing, descend the stairs, and find yourself in the ground floor hallway. The kitchen is the second door on your right; it opens without resistance so you go in.

The room beyond the door is open and spotless with small bend to the right. Cupboards are pushed busily against the walls; pans and herbs hang from rails over worktops. There’s a large, hooded double stove on the back wall and a couple of sinks flanking it. Taking a superficial nosy around, you find nothing exceptional or out of place. It’s clearly someone’s point of pride that everything is kept so immaculate. You can almost see your face reflected in the shiny tiled floor. There are some shortbread biscuits on a cooling rack. You’d guess they’re freshly made judging by the lingering scent of fresh baking, but the attentive cook must have cleared away all evidence of their making.

There is a door to the left that leads to the dining room. There’s also a door on the right. When you try it, it opens to a set of steps that must lead to a dark cellar. There is also a door directly opposite the one through which you’ve come that looks out to the garden. It is unlocked.

What would you like to do next?

  1. Call out
  2. Investigate the shortbread biscuits
  3. Investigate the cupboards
  4. Go out into the garden

Vote for what happens next on my Patron page before 11.30pm GMT tomorrow. The next update will be 8pm GMT on the 13th of January.

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