Blogging again

Hello again, old site.

Facebook has finally danced through almost every one of my tolerance levels. Today it slow-waltzed its stinking arse all the way up and down the ‘frustrating shitshow’ category on my dial, so I’m shuffling back over here to my quiet corner. In this corner is a perfectly decent platform through which I can capture my thoughts, share my projects, give more insight into my life and how it’s going, and – of course – frantically wank my ego.

I’m tired and I’m craving the simplicity of an echo chamber.

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you, blog. An FB newsfeed that once offered useful and insightful glimpses into the lives of friends and family has become swamped by flash-wars of complaints spattered between relentless adverts, crappy craft/life-hack vids, invasions of privacy, and political arguments with idiots (arguments that I’m not even a part of but FB is absolutely certain I want to see). My patience has all but gone, replaced by Discord and memes. It was the latest FB update that did it. It was easier to ignore before. There’s something about that dark-mode background that really makes the mentally and emotionally damaging elements ‘pop’.

I’ve been slowly shifting my life off Facebook for a while now. Unfortunately I can’t leave entirely (too many non-personal things are organised through it), but I can do a lot more to reduce my footprint. Consider this a notice of intent or something, if not quite a promise.

In the meantime, have a calming picture of a calming place. I shall use it to remind myself of more important things.

I can’t offer anything on the creative writing front I’m afraid. My inspirational juices are being thoroughly sucked off by other projects at the moment (some of which I ought to do some posts on because they might be interesting? Question mark?).

The only hurdles now are my own complete lack of focus and WordPress’s annoying new editor. What’s with all the moving parts? What a confusing mess. Why do platforms find it so important to change their interfaces? I’m not scared or unappreciative of change, but I will piss and moan if it makes UX actively worse.

This is me shaking my old(er)-person fist.

8 thoughts on “Blogging again

  1. PC says:

    ! It’s great to see you back! Always enjoyed your blogging and blathering, and seeing more folks post to their own blogs over social media sites is invigorating. 🙂


  2. pythoblack says:

    It’s just funny, I am minutes away from shutting down (for a few weeks at least) my stupid futile blog, and you are restarting yours. I avoid all those other social media platforms like the plague, which I am avoiding like all those social media platforms.


    1. Skeleheron says:

      No blogs are futile! Words and thoughts are so important. That’s true whether you make an impact at the time of writing, or leave them there to hang until the moment when the right person comes along and needs to read the very thing you’ve committed to put in order. Or disorder, of course. Whatever floats your boat.
      If you need to take a break, take a break. I’ll maybe see you on the other side when we’re a few weeks older and wiser.

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      1. pythoblack says:

        It FEELS futile, but after three years with almost no readers I have 184 stories and poems and articles to stick in a self-published book and give away for free. The problem now is one of obsession and distraction. I will shut the blog down using the “maintenance mode” plugin in 22 hours, I hope, unless something changes my mind.


    1. Skeleheron says:

      I went in expecting to splurge some thoughts on a simple post editor and was hit with a bunch of new boxes and floating context menus D: . I’m sure with more than 5 mins of keyboard slapping it will make sense!
      Thanks for the plug-in link! I’ll give it a try if my clunky brain can’t get the measure of the new set-up


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