Bi Visibility Day

I appreciate that most of my audience already knows which side my loaf is buttered, but there’s a handful of people who don’t. Today is Bi Visibility Day, and it seems only right that as I decloaked myself on FB, I should also put in the effort on my blog.

And by ‘effort’ of course, I mean ‘write that I’m Bi’. I couldn’t even think of or find a good picture.

This year is also interesting given as I’ve come to know a small number of folx who have confided that they’re either having a difficult time with trying to figure themselves out, or who are simply not in a position to come out to their family or friends.

So, to you guys I raise a glass. I shall stand loud and proud and decry myself as being a big ol’ queer bird. Perhaps by adding my voice to the mix I can help make a small contribution to driving back -isms and erasure, and help normalise the vast, beautiful spectrum of preferences and proclivities we’ve all been painted in.

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  1. mostlyfoo says:

    Good luck to your peeps who aren’t in a position to be out yet, I’m glad you are and are able to talk stuff over with them.


  2. pythoblack says:

    I just hope that the creepy bi dude next door who thinks I don’t know he is lusting to get into my old heterosexual guy pants doesn’t get inspired to be more visible to me in particular. Hey, bisexual is wonderful, I am brahmacarya now, but always preferred sex with women, many who were bi. I loved a couple of em, over the years. Many people I have met who come out as bisexual had hard lives, many became bisexual after prison experiences. I think of it as a legitimate way to address perceived Yin-Yang imbalances.


    1. Skeleheron says:

      I’m glad you’ve found a route that works for you and I’m grateful for your support, but I’m not sure why you think including predatory bisexual rhetoric is in any way appropriate on this post?


      1. pythoblack says:

        Truth is an excuse. Goodbye, sorry to have bothered you.


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