Streaming pt. 2

Hey, so I did that thing I said I was going to do: I streamed.

Hardware issues aside (everything from dropped frames, duff audio delivered through the only headphone/mic set I had available, and being a giant wuss), it was a lot of much-needed fun and I had a great time with good friends and an engaged chat room playing Phasmophobia. Admittedly, good buddy and fellow ghost-hunter Mike brought the majority of the audience so I’m not convinced they’ll want to come back for me alone, but still!

If you want to see what we got up to, then you can check out the VOD here.

In a fit of keen – before I can back out entirely and let something else completely sap my enthusiasm – I’ve gone ahead and created a schedule for the week to come. You can see it here. Regardless of anyone showing up, I’m going to push on and stick to it purely out of enjoyment for the thing. I’ve got no issues talking to myself for hours on end and I would usually be gaming around those times anyway. If I can bring a bit of entertainment to anyone who needs it then that’s a bonus.

EDIT: I don’t think the schedule is showing up properly, so for anyone that can’t see it I’m planning on streaming Minecraft on Monday at 14.00 GMT+1 and revisiting a nostalgic favourite in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on Wednesday at 14.00 GMT+1.

I’m seriously limited in what games I can play due to available funds (see: shitty laptop), but we’ve all got to start somewhere. Besides, I think you can have the most overclocked, crazy hi-spec PC in the world but if you’ve got a shitty personality and no skill then no one’s going to want to watch. If I keep things chill and run low-requirement games then I can focus on more meaningful stuff. Like my shitty personality and lack of skill.

If I can overcome those two very minor hurdles I’ll be rolling in bits and subs in no time.

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