In a quiet moment at 2am this morning I re-read a bunch of older posts I’d privated and passed judgement on which ones aren’t too cringe. They’re mostly junk posts talking about mental health and “what I did on X year”, but still. I thought they might help me remember how important it is to have a venting space and might help me figure out where I’m going.

As such, I un-privated them. I didn’t want to publicise them. I just wanted to quietly make them visible so if anyone scrolled back through this Blog they’d see I’ve been shit at updating it since 2016.

Turns out that un-Privating them triggered a cross post to Twitter, so that’s embarrassing. My followers were met with my laundry being spam-flashed at 2am this morning.

Ah well. Twitter posts deleted and lessons learned! Sorry to anyone who was met with the spammage.

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  1. aquadivider says:

    It also sent out emails to anyone following that way, thought that might have been what happened. Technology amirite??


  2. voxdoom says:

    I wondered what happened. It’s a weird design choice for them to publicise an unprivating of old posts. All good though.


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