My followers were met with my laundry being spam-flashed at 2am this morning.

Justify Yourself

When I was in Year 9 at school (which would put me between 13 to 14 years old), the Head of Year held an end of Year assembly. The Head of Year was (and still is. RIP Mr K), a local legend. A giant of a rugby player who’d suffered damage to his larynx so…

I want to write a book

“A standalone with series potential”.

The specifics are something I’ll explore in other posts. For now, it’s scary enough for me to say that.

Streaming pt. 2

If I keep things chill and run low-requirement games then I can focus on more meaningful stuff. Like my shitty personality and lack of skill.


I was going to call this post something cunning and totally, definitely unique like ‘Merrily down the Stream’ or ‘Islands in the Stream’ or ‘Streaming piles of shit’, but I realised that might obfuscate the point. And blow my readers away with just how goddamn witty and totally, definitely unique I am.

Bi Visibility Day

I appreciate that most of my audience already knows which side my loaf is buttered, but there’s a handful of people who don’t. Today is Bi Visibility Day, and it seems only right that as I decloaked myself on FB, I should also put in the effort on my blog.