My followers were met with my laundry being spam-flashed at 2am this morning.

Still Alive pt. II

As the great GLaDOS once sang, I’m still alive. So. The Ginger and I successfully moved house and, after two weeks of scrubbing with tooth brushes, having allergic reactions to cleaning products, and painting over 6 years of wear and tear, we’re finally shot of the old place. It’s nice to live in a house…

A Busy Week, Blah

Nothing much to talk about at the moment, but I don’t want to leave this blog standing empty so I’ll do a quick update.

Easter Weekend & Personal Development

I had a productive Easter weekend which ended on something of a low note. I seem to have pulled it around though, so on balance it’s been a good few days…

Finally An Update

While there’s a lot I could – and really should – talk about, paragraphs that start with statements like “there’s a lot I could – and really should – talk about” are exactly the sort of openers that have put me off writing up until now…